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Conservative Brexit Divisions grow

November 26, 2019 12:07 PM

nnnWhen the pictures of the designated Brexit Party candidate campaigning for the Conservatives appeared yesterday it was a shock. After all only three years ago t Cartlidge was campaigning for Remain, providing window posters to our village and publicly saying how much damage leaving the EU would do to the local economy. And that was in the days we were told a comprehensive free trade deal would be easy to negotiate

In retrospect Mr Cartlidge seems to have gone on the same journey as the majority of his party over the past few years

He voted for Mrs May's deal on every occasion, a deal lambasted across the political spectrum. He voted for Mr Johnsons version of the same deal even though it created a trade border down the Irish Sea something we had previously been assured no Conservative Prime Minister could ever contemplate and he sat on his hands whilst colleagues in the party put their careers at risk by rebelling to support the law which prevented us leaving the EU with no deal which major commentators thought would be disastrous

And now he supports the party position which we will leave the transition period at the end of 2020 whether we have a deal or not. Unless we are planning to simply give the EU everything they want in a trade deal this looks foolhardy. Even Donald Trump took more time to renegotiate his North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico and that was an existing deal and the US economy was huge compared to those of the other countries.

Sir Ivan Rodgers, Britain's former envoy to the EU has said in a scathing verdict on the government's "diplomatic amateurism"has said that Boris Johnson is sowing the seeds of "the biggest crisis of Brexit to date", In a lecture at Glasgow university on Monday night, Rogers, who resigned following a Tory backlash over his reports that an EU trade deal might take a decade, said "the biggest crisis of Brexit to date" was "virtually inevitable" in late 2020.

While the UK could get a "quick and dirty" trade deal by the end of 2020, Rogers said it would exclude the UK services industry and give the EU leverage over fishing rights in British waters.The pressure to "get Brexit done" will mean that if returned as prime minister, Johnson will soon make "a lot of concessions" to secure his deal. … the EU side just sees a huge open goal opportunity and repeats its playbook from the article 50 process," Rogers added.

You are left therefore with only one conclusion. The risk of leaving the EU with no deal, something the Brexit Party and the right wing of the Tory party would relish is growing by the day.

Which is why there is a daily flow of stories of prominent Conservatives saying at this election they plan to vote Liberal Democrat

Michael Heseltine, a former Conservative deputy prime minister, has said he cannot support Boris Johnson in the general election because the prime minister is pursuing an "utterly disastrous" policy that will make Britain poorer and less influential.

Lord Heseltine has called on voters to back the Liberal Democrats in the general election to deny Johnson a majority in parliament. He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Tuesday: "The real issue is what is at stake and it is the prosperity of this country, the world influence of this country, our relationship with our neighbours in Europe. This is transcendingly the overarching issue at stake in this election and I cannot vote or support people who are going to make the country poorer or less influential - full stop, end of story."

Or what about Ian Taylor the former Conservative MP for Esher and Walton, which is now represented by Dominic Raab, who is urging people to vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate, Monica Harding:. His letter (below) tells the same story of One nation Conservatives no longer feeling at home in the party