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  • y7a. (Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 5, 2021

    Well we reached the inevitable end point of another national lockdown with the usual dither and delay beforehand.

    In the morning we were told schools were re-opening as they were perfectly safe. By the evening they had become a vector of transmitting the diseases. It is inexcusable that schools were pressured to open despite guidance to the contrary from SAGE the scientific committee advising the government on 22nd December. Coming after secondary schools were told on Christmas Eve to prepare for mass testing with no time or resource to deliver the governments actions smacks of indecision and neglect. We have covered before the fact schools had their allocations of computers cut so home study was made more difficult. Surely the time over the past few weeks would have been better spent putting in place home learning capabilities accessible by all

  • 2mma (Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 4, 2021

    The latest round of chaos and uncertainty about return to school after Christmas as the hapless Education Secretary Gavin Williamson ignores scientific advice that the kids are more impacted by the new covid strain it got us thinking its no fun being a teenager currently. Government policy seems to be focussed on making their lives much harder. Just look back over the past 12 months

  • nbre (Photo by Oliver Hale on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 3, 2021
    In First appeared in LibDem Voice https://www.libdemvoice.org/daisy-cooper-close-primary-schools-for-two-weeks-to-build-covidsafe-plan-66633.html

    Lib Dem Deputy Leader and Education spokesperson Daisy Cooper has called on the Government to close all primary schools until 18th January to enable the development and implementation of a Covid safety plan.

    We are calling for four things:

    • All primary schools to move to remote learning until Jan 18th, except for vulnerable children and children of key workers.
    • A review of Government plans for Covid testing strategies in schools.
    • A move to single-school transport.
    • A new pupil bubbling strategy to tackle the new Covid strain.
  • 7nnx (Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 2, 2021

    After the political turmoil of the past few years with promises made but not kept it isn't surprising that opinion polls suggest trust in what MPs say has fallen to levels last seen during the parliamentary expenses scandal

    One recent and notorious example of the disdain the governing party has for the general public was a leaflet circulated to activists, by Wellingborough Conservatives which urged campaigners to 'say the first thing that comes into your head' as 'you can live that down later'. It also gives pointers on how to learn from the outgoing US president, who 'weaponises fake news'. Under a section 'Why is Trump so successful?' it says: 'Trump has learnt that "a lie can go round the whole world before the truth can get its boots on." 'If you make enough dubious claims, fast enough, honest speakers are overwhelmed. If someone tweets ten dubious claims per day and it takes you a week to disprove each one, then you are doomed.

    Having won the argument on Brexit with dubious promises on NHS funding, immigration and fishing none of which have been delivered by the deal that was supposed to be " the easiest in history" the agenda seems to have moved on to making stuff up to boost the benefits of Brexit

    Our attention was caught by an article in the Independent ( see Pulse fishing: What is it and has Boris Johnson banned it? | The Independent) on the obscure subject of pulse fishing a practice, which sees electrical pulses being sent into the seawater to flush out bottom-dwelling fish like plaice and sole, causing them to swim into the path of trawl nets.

    In the new year after leaving the EU Boris Johnson's government announced that it would immediately ban EU fishermen from "pulse fishing" in UK waters.

  • op7c (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)
    Article: Jan 1, 2021

    We think everyone will agree 2020 was a year to quickly forget.

    With a vaccine giving hope of some sort of normality in the Spring, 2021 promises to be a year for big decisions

    How we pay for the pandemic, how we address the growing climate emergency, what we do to make our society fairer to address some of the poverty and inequality laid bare by the pandemic, how we stop the UK splitting up as a consequence of the Brexit decisions; the list goes on.