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  • hh49
    Article: Sep 17, 2021
    Speaking ahead of the opening of the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference today (Friday 17 September), Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said:
    "The Liberal Democrats go into this conference feeling energised by our recent successes and determined to stand up for people who are sick and tired of being taken for granted.
  • 238f (Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)
    Article: Sep 15, 2021

    Just different clowns!

    The Conservative government was today re-organised to great media attention. The much threatened changes suggest there will be little change in the basic approach of the government with the ideological make-up pretty unchanged, indeed the brexiteer true believers seem to have consolidated their position.

    Their is some good news. Gavin Williamson possibly the most hopeless education minister in living memory has gone, as has Robert Jenrick whose illegal intervention
    on behalf of a Tory donors development, and, biased allocation of levelling up funds to local towns called into question his probity and competence

    Having missed the Afghan debacle whilst he sunned himself on holiday Dominic Raab has been moved from Foreign Secretary but not sacked. Instead he becomes Deputy prime minister and Justice Secretary. You couldn't make it up!

  • iuy7
    Article: Sep 13, 2021
    The government plan to remove the £20 per week uplift in universal credit at the end of the month has come in for a lot of criticism.
    For many families with low earning jobs in retail and hospitality this is part of a double whammy which is about to hit them following the increase of 1.25% in national insurance contributions to fund limits of social care costs which will primarily benefit those with high priced properties in southern England who will be able to protect their inheritance . The tax starts to be paid at only £184 per week
  • baww (Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash)
    Article: Sep 11, 2021
    By Councillor Dave Busby

    For the supply chain the combination of Brexit and CoVid has generated the perfect storm. The news reports on the shortage of lorry drivers and the resulting shortages in goods. During CoVid, many smaller businesses struggled and had to sell out to larger companies. Councils have exacerbated the situation by approving applications for massive warehouses.

  • bxee (Photo by Callum Wale on Unsplash)
    Article: Sep 10, 2021

    The Home Secretary's latest wheeze to turn around small boats carrying migrants in the channel and send them back to France is yet another example of this inward-looking, xenophobic, reactionary government's approach to immigration. It is a disgrace and would add to the sullying of the UK's name in the international community, not that we have much hope of recovering any goodwill at the moment. However, as the Guardian reports, the plan may not be as water tight as Priti Patel hopes.

    They quote Lucy Moreton, a professional officer at the Immigration Services Union (ISU), who says she would be surprised if the policy was used "even once":

    The proposals, which would require maritime law to be rewritten, have already been rejected by the French government.

    Moreton told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "In practical terms, if this happens even once, I would be surprised.

    "There are understandably a lot of constraints around it and you cannot do this with a vessel that is in any way vulnerable and more importantly you need the consent of the French to do it.

    "Because when you turn the vessel back toward France, when it is across the median line it has to be intercepted and rescued by the French and it appears the French will simply not engage with this, in which case it's - if you excuse the pun - dead in the water."

    Tim Loughton, a Conservative MP and member of the home affairs select committee, also poured cold water on the prospects of the tactic being used in practice, although supported the underlying principle.

    He said: "It sounds good. But I'm afraid in practice it's just not going to happen. These are flimsy boats coming over. Even those that are tougher are completely weighed down.

    "Any boat coming up alongside at speed would capsize most of these boats anyway and then we're looking at people getting into trouble in the water and drowning … and then we'll get blamed for that. It sounds good pushing them back but it's not going to work in practice."

    How much longer can this discredited and illiberal politician be allowed to continue in the role of Home Secretary?