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    Article: Feb 19, 2020

    After such a comprehensive defeat at the recent General Election it is easy to see why disillusionment can lead to lethargy and disengagement from the political process. With its 80 seat majority in Parliament and two of the opposition parties looking for new leaders it is clear that the Conservatives have pretty much a free reign to do as they please at present.

  • Article: Feb 13, 2020

    An earlier article on this site covered the realities of checks on trade with Northern Ireland. Today we hear that the Prime Ministers jaunty acceptance that a decision to seek divergence from the rules of the EU means he would be happy with a trade deal like Australia has with the EU.

    The problem here is that Australia doesn't have a trade deal with the EU , it trades with tariffs and quotas under WTO terms. In other worlds no deal seems now to be a preferred option despite assurances during the campaign that such an outcome was a million to one. Changing to discussion of an '"Australia deal" instead of a more controversial "no deal" doesn't change the realities for our businesses and the jobs they create

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    Article: Feb 3, 2020

    For many people leaving the EU directly impacts their perception of who they are. The "Stay European" campaign has been created to lobby for an EU Associate membership scheme which would allow people to continue as EU members as individuals

    At the time of writing almost 100,000 had signed to join the campaign . If you would like to join then go to. https://www.stayeuropean.org/

  • Article: Jan 30, 2020

    Despite the farce that was the failed " give a bob for a Big Ben bong" campaign, the moment we as Liberal Democrat's have fought so hard against in recent years is upon us.

    Formally we leave the EU at midnight (CET) tonight (11pm UK time). For me and many like me leaving the EU is not just about the institution it's about a sense of identity. I still see myself as European, I value being part of a wider family of nations and I reject the little Englander approach that seems to be the badge being worn by the Conservative Government

  • Article: Jan 24, 2020

    The publication by the EU of a document summarising the checks required between the U.K. and Northern Ireland makes sobering reading. Live animals and animal products going to the North will face regulatory checks and industrial products spot checks. EU institutions will have the same rights as today with the European Court having athe final say in the event of dispute. EU officials have the right to be present during checks.