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  • Smart Electricity Meter Display
    Article: Aug 10, 2022

    Ed Davey is calling for October's energy price rise to be cancelled, with part of the cost covered by a windfall tax on the energy companies. Given that some of them are making quarterly profits larger than the GDP of some countries, that is entirely justifiable.

    Under our plans, the 70% increase in the energy price cap expected to be announced by Ofgem later this month would be cancelled, with the Government instead paying the shortfall to energy suppliers so that they can afford to supply customers at the current rates. The party estimates that this would save a typical household an extra £1,400 a year.

  • Ballot Box
    Article: Aug 8, 2022

    It is the supreme irony that the Tory party that so hates the idea of the Single Transferable Vote system (STV), use that very system for their MPs to preselect who the final two candidates should be leaving their loyal membership to make the final restricted choice. The difference of course is that their 'manual' system of individual votes knocking out each candidate until only two are left to very publicly fight it out, is excruciatingly slow and tedious for the 99% of the UK population that have no say in the matter.

  • key
    Article: Aug 3, 2022
    By Councillor Dave Busby

    Imagine you own your house, with no mortgage, and then the Government says that it really owns the house but they will give you a loan for the full value so that you can buy it back! Not good news so far, but if you are renting it out then it is going to get a whole lot worse. They legislate to allow the tenant to buy it off you but at a discount in the region of £70,000.

  • j6w0
    Article: Aug 2, 2022

    As the Conservative leadership hopefuls trade ever greater promises of tax cuts, they both seem to think that this alone will solve all our ills.

    Nothing is said about the backlog of 6.6 million people waiting for NHS England operations, 60,000 court cases pending in England and Wales, and 90% of English schools waiting for urgent repairs. No mention is made of the fact that spend per pupil is unchanged on 2010 or that energy bills could get close to £4000 on average this autumn. Or the fact that promises to increase defence spending by 50% post Ukraine needs to be paid for. Or the fact that the UK is forecast to have the slowest growth of any rich country bar Russia despite the fact that incomes have already grown at the slowest rate in Europe for the past decade

  • y661.
    Article: Jul 30, 2022

    The current leadership election in the Conservative party has illustrated just how far the Conservative Party has moved to the right over the past decade

    Public institutions valued by most have been the subject of manufactured brawls whether it be with the BBC, National Trust, the judiciary, universities, the civil service and just recently Channel 4