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Lib Dem Councillors warn of flooding threat to essential County roads

March 4, 2010 8:20 PM

The Liberal Democrats have identified the desperate need to protect the B1456 to Shotley from flooding.

The important route, also known as the Strand has been seriously affected by flooding over the past week, as the culmination of high tide and strong winds brought water onto the road causing difficult driving conditions.

Local Councillor and Deputy Group Leader David Wood said, "This is the main route in and out for residents of the Shotley Peninsula, and also for access to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"The flooding on the B1456 puts those essential links at risk, including access for the emergency services. It is also very dangerous for drivers who must act with extreme care when they encounter deep water on the road. "

Lib Dem Group Leader Kathy Pollard, echoed Cllr Woods comments "This is a situation which without doubt we will see more of as a result of climate change and the increasing sea levels. We must ensure there is adequate protection for important roads throughout the County.

It is not only the Strand which is affected, but also those roads to the North of the County, such as the A12, and the road to Southwold and Reydon. Plans must be put in place now to anticipate worse flooding to come in the future."